The Big Question

I have learned quickly that being a church planting missionary constantly challenges my comfort zone. First, we are living in an inner city neighborhood unlike any place I’ve ever lived before. The city can be intimidating, especially for a guy who grew up in rural Kentucky! I spent a majority of my life surrounded by […]

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Alive and Well In Cincy

Crazy, insane, wild, emotional, exhausting… These are but just a few of the ways you could describe these past three weeks as we have transitioned to life in the Queen City. Man, has it been a roller coaster! And it is only just beginning. So much has happened since my last post that I simply […]

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Two Years In

I often stand in amazement at the abundant blessings of God in my life. He has given me true life through His Son, Jesus Christ; a beautiful wife who loves me and serves with me in the ministry; and two wonderful children who bring my heart joy beyond measure. I must admit that I oftentimes […]

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A Lasting Legacy

I’m in a rather nostalgic mood this evening. My wife and I had the opportunity to travel to the Cincinnati area today and our drive afforded us the time to engage in great conversation. One of the topics we touched on was how numerous people have stood in the gap on my behalf in order […]

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